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Bug-O “U” Trains Future Sales Managers

Jan. 06, 2014

BUG-O “U” is often thought about as a place for conducting Distributor and Customer Seminars and that’s’ true, but did you know we also train our future professional sales staff as well?    

Mike Shaffer, Manager for Educational Services at Bug-O states that we also train the new and future outside Sales Professionals from all over the world.  During  2013 we have trained several newly hired professionals from various parts of the US and provided new product training to our people in Latin America as well.  At Bug-O U we have the entire product line at our disposal and we can have our hands on and become extremely familiar with the entire line in an environment that is conducive to learning.  Additionally, because this type of training is very personal we can move at each person’s pace and be sure that they are comfortable with, then leave knowing that they received all that they require to serve their markets and customer’s needs.  During the last quarter we trained three new professionals that will help to lead the business in their region and next month we have another such class already planned. 

Whether you need a refresher course or prefer to receive additional training on a particular product line that is in high demand

within your region, Bug-O U and I are ready and willing to help.  Bug-O U is not just for Distributors.  Please contact me directly

for additional details on any training needs you might have.

Mike Shaffer