Canonsburg, PA – Off table beveling creates bottlenecks in the fabrication production process. Fabrication shops often run out of space on the CNC table to cut and bevel plate due to the size of plate or the scale of the job. This issue is a bottleneck that slows production and adds cost to the process with secondary operations such as grinding. Bug-O Systems has a solution for this problem, the DC-IV MAX. This machine provides clean, efficient bevels which smooths the production stream.

The DC-IV MAX works with the Hypertherm® Powermax® series and MAXPRO® lines of plasma cutting power sources. The integrated system of the tractor, rail and plasma power source gives you several features to make off table beveling and cutting easier, safer and faster such as:

  • ONETOUCH® – One button starts for both tractor and plasma system.
  • Integrated start delay to allow arc transfer before tractor motion
  • PSC®, Process Stop Control – When the cut is done, the entire process stops Integrated with Hypertherm® Powermax® series and MAXPRO® power sources
  • Vertical and bevel cut charts are provided for Powermax® and MAXPRO®
  • Torch alignment guide for bevel cutting setup

This optimized solution to the problem of off table beveling allows you to:

  • Increase your productivity with a clean precise cut
  • Improve the quality of the cut with little need for further prep.
  • Correct process setting that minimizes heat distortion
  • Optional pendant controlled process that removes the operator from the fumes

For more information contact:
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