K-BUG Follower Arm Kits & Rail

Two accessories are available for welding butt joints with your current KBUG-1200 or KBUG-3000

The Follower Arm Kits and Quick Adjust Guide Rail System expands the range of applications for the KBUG 1200 and KBUG 3500 to butt welds in addition to typical fillet weld applications. A conversion kit is available to convert a KBUG 3000 to a KBUG 3500.

The Quick Adjust Guide Rails feature on/ off magnets and quick connect ends that allow for fast set up and fine adjustment. Aligning and setting the rail is fast and easy with no stumbling with permanent magnets.

The Follower Arms will retrofit on existing KBUG machines; however, they are machine specific. The machined aluminum arms feature, durable stainless steel rollers with brass thrust bearings that ensure smooth operation to maximize life. Each arm has indexed positive set points for accurate in and out adjustments of the KBUG drive. We also used large glove friendly screws for a precise fit to the machine.


Improves and allows for tracking joints such as:

  • Butt welds
  • Fillet welds
  • Flat surfaces
  • Curved surfaces





Part Number For Machine Description
100-0910-3000 KBUG 3500 KBUG Arm Guide Kit 3000
100-1002 KBUG 3000 Conversion Kit KBUG 3000/3500

(will convert KBUG-3000 to KBUG-3500 to use arms)

100-0910-1200 KBUG 1200 KBUG Arm Guide Kit 1200
100-0902 KBUG 1200/3000 6′ guide rail with on/off magnets

Follower Arms – Features & Benefits:

  • Machine specific for KBUG 1200 or KBUG 3500. A conversion kit is available to convert a KBUG 3000 to a KBUG 3500.
  • Durable construction
    – Machined aluminum for strength, weld splatter resistance and
      light weight
    – Stainless steel rollers
    – Brass bearings
  • Indexed set points on arms
    – Positive, easy to find, in and out adjustment of arms
    – Large, glove friendly wing screws




Guide Rail – Features & Benefits:

  • Stainless steel material for durability
  • Contours to curved surfaces
  • On/Off magnets
    – Simple accurate set up. One turn and a magnet is on or off
      allowing for easy repositioning
    – Easy to use, glove friendly knobs
  • Quick connect ends
    – Accurate set up
    – Allows for easy leapfrogging for longer welds

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