Custom Mechanization

Beam Bug III


The BEAM BUG III is a lightweight, easy to carry machine designed to cut beams, channels and angles from one rail setting. It produces smooth, square, accurate cuts and virtually eliminates grinding and touch-up. Now, you can take the machine to the work and greatly reduce material handling costs.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Push button clutch locks the machine onto the beam rail
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Single speed control sets both vertical and horizontal travel speed
  • Double-bearing wheels provide rigidity and accuracy
  • Made in USA


The DCW-5-L Circle Welder, equipped with Lincoln Electric® Power Feed 84® wire feeder, is capable of welding 1-12″ (25.4-304.8 mm) diameters.

The DCW-5-O Circle Welder, equipped with OTC-DAIHEN AF-4012 wire feeder, provides OTC patented wave pulse process with 1-12″ (25.4-304.8 mm) diameter range.

  • GMAW, GMAW-P, FCAW advanced weld process control
  • All digital control signals passed to a continuously turning wire feeder
  • Rotation speed .5-5.9 rpm
  • No hose or cable wrap-up regardless of direction or rotation
  • Rise and fall cam with 5″ (125 mm) of travel
  • Made in USA


The DCW-18-L Circle Welder, equipped with Lincoln Electric® MAXsa® 10 Controller for Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® is capable of welding nozzles with a diameter range of 10-50 inch diameter.

The DCW-18-M Circle Welder, equipped with Miller® Digital interface for use with Miller® Digital series power sources.

  • GMAW-P and SAW process control
  • All digital control signals passed to a continuously turning wire feeder
  • Rotation speed of .06-.72 rpm
  • No hose or cable wrap-up regardless of direction or rotation
  • Rise and fall cam with 7″ (177.8 mm) of travel
  • Made in USA

Girth Welders

Bug-O Systems offers Automatic Girth Welders for tank fabrication applications. They are convertible for both bottom up and top down construction. Bug-O Girth Welders are also capable of being used as a pair to construct a dual sided girth welder. Special models can be built per customer’s request.

  • Dual drive motor system
  • Efficient flux recovery system
  • Integrated control panel
  • Laser site guide
  • Ergonomic operator cabin
  • Adjustable weld head and flux belt support system

High Capacity MDS

Bug-O offers a Modular Drive System with more than double the standard carrying capacity. The High Capacity MDS can carry up to 140 lbs. (64 kg) vertically, and is compatible with all standard MDS components. Driven by customer demand, we followed through with research and development to meet our customers’ needs for greater carrying capacity, durability, and strength. Now you can utilize the complete MDS family without investing in twice the product. The High Capacity MDS provides the required power to carry the feeder, wire, and cables to mobilize the complete welding system.

  • One complete traveling welding platform
  • Capable of carrying up to 140 lbs. (64 kg.) vertically (rating includes a 100% safety factor)
  • Larger diameter, 1.125″ (28.5 mm) chrome moly pinion
  • Compatible with all standard MDS components
  • Allows for all inclusive welding process application (Bug-O tractor, suitcase feeder, wire and all electrical connections)
  • Made in USA

K-BUG Follower Arm Kits & Rails

The Follower Arm Kits and Quick Adjust Guide Rail System expands the range of applications for the KBUG 1200 and KBUG 3500 to butt welds in addition to typical fillet weld applications. A conversion kit is available to convert a KBUG 3000 to a KBUG 3500.

  • Machine specific for KBUG 1200 or KBUG 3500. A conversion kit is available to convert a KBUG 3000 to a KBUG 3500
  • Durable construction
  • Indexed set points on arms
  • Stainless steel material for durability
  • Contours to curved surfaces
  • On/Off magnets


The MM-5 is a computer-controlled machine that automates the cutting of profiles, holes, nozzles and shapes on pipe with diameters from 4″ to 39.375″ (10-100 cm). It features built in Auto Height Control for plasma cutting process. The MM-5 rotates the pipe on its roller bed with a three jaw chuck, while simultaneously moving a cutting torch back and forth along the pipe’s axis.

  • Available for oxy-fuel or plasma cutting process in 120 and 240 volt models
  • Built in automatic height control for plasma cutting process
  • Cutting diameter of 4″ – 39.375″ (10-100 cm)
  • Made in USA
  • Eliminates the need for templates, layouts or calculations
  • Pre-programmed shapes such as saddle, offset saddles, laterals, miter cuts, and holes can be made
  • Irregular shapes can be plotted, pre-programmed and saved for future use

Overlay System

The All Position Overlay System is designed for pulp digesters, boiler tube walls or any vessel or surface that requires overlay repair. The system will travel at a regulated, precise travel speed producing consistent uniform overlay patterns. A welding current sensor monitors and controls the welding torch height on pitted or irregular surfaces.

  • Customizable for job specific applications
  • Portable system that can be taken to the work
  • Pendulum weaver included along with welding torch height control
  • Can be adapted for horizontal/step-up welding
  • 2-20 ipm (50-508 mm/min) travel speed
  • Full pendant control
  • Cycle select module can be pre-set for continuous cycle, bi-directional stop at limit or rapid return at limit to start position
  • Made in USA

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