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We’ve gone virtual… in our training! While current events may have pushed us here, virtual training, learning and demonstrations are here to stay. However, when we are able to welcome people to our training center we are ready! We want to make learning about Bug-O accessible anytime or anyplace you need it.

Welcome to the Bug-O Virtual Training Center. The use of virtual demonstrations and training gives you unprecedented access to information that has been used to refine our products since 1948. This knowledge and history is now at your fingertips. We embrace it and welcome you to join us! We are continually expanding our industry leading video library to give you easy access to solutions that make your jobs faster, better and easier to accomplish!

To know the history of Bug-O would be to know that we just don’t manufacture and sell mechanized welding tools. What we are really delivering is our decades of expertise and product knowledge to help all of our customers solve problems and do jobs faster and better! Bug-O tools allow you to increase productivity and quality…on every weld or cut, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since we can maximize

all performance parameters, material handling and distortion to the workpiece are greatly reduced, so your quality improves. Our flexible welding and cutting solutions allow you to adapt the tools to the job, improving work areas to ensure correct results.

Choose from the following digital training options:

Train the Trainer Series – designed exclusively for Our Distributors and Sales Reps. Sign up today!

Customized Customer Webinars + Video Training – Sign up today!

Library of Product Videos – View here.

Our Digital Library

How To Videos of the Month:

To learn more, check out our videos on our YouTube page:  https://www.youtube.com/user/1948BUGO

Video Training

Virtual or digital, Bug-O has it covered!

  • Send And See Program: We have some great welding brains here at Bug-O and they like nothing better than working with you to solve a problem. Send us your Welding or Cutting problem and we will work with you to solve it. When we have figured it out we log into a video meeting and show you how Bug-O can help. Contact us at training@bugo.com, for more details! 

  • Virtual classes or demonstrations: Typically 1 hour sessions that allow our instructors to consult with you about how to improve your work processes with Bug-O. We will help adapt your skills to our machines to create and replicate the superior work that our industry demands. Virtual session classes can mimic real-world work that you are faced with. The experience of the class is best with active participation. Hit us with your best shots! We learn this way! As a welding professional, you will be able to apply the product knowledge you gain to increase productivity and efficiency on every future job you do. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any application that challenges you today.

We can make recommendations and would be pleased to set up a virtual demonstration, customized, to solve a very particular problem or to explore firsthand how Bug-O Systems can save you time, money and increase the quality of your cutting and welding.

Opening Late Summer: The Herbert E. Cable Welding & Training Laboratory

We will keep you posted on when we can see you in person here at our new Brick & Mortar Laboratory, However we are excited to virtually work with you in the meantime. We welcome the day when we can host our loyal business associates in workshops, or training courses. Please sign up and let us know if you would like to be one of our first contacts when we can begin scheduling. Contact us at training@bugo.com

Additional Resources

Did you know we have these additional product resources available?

K-BUG 1200 / K-BUG 1200-BAT:
K-BUG 1200 / K-BUG 1200-BAT Brochure
K-BUG 1200 / K-BUG 1200-BAT Spanish Brochure
K-BUG 1200 Manual

Go-Fer IV:
Go-fer IV Brochure

Go-fer IV Spanish Brochure
Go-fer IV Manual

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