Circle Welder for Welding 10-50 inch (254-1270 mm) Diameters with a Digitally Controlled Welding Power Source

The DCW-18-L Circle Welder, equipped with Lincoln Electric® MAXsa® 10 Controller for Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® is capable of welding nozzles with a diameter range of 10-50 inch diameter. The machine is set up for sub arc process. Features of the machine include eight procedure memories and user friendly controls.

The DCW-18-M Circle Welder, equipped with Miller® Digital interface for use with Miller® Digital series power sources. It is capable of welding nozzle diameters from 10-50″ and is set up for SAW process.


  • GMAW-P and SAW process control
  • All digital control signals passed to a continuously turning wire feeder
  • Rotation speed of .06-.72 rpm
  • No hose or cable wrap-up regardless of direction or rotation
  • Rise and fall cam with 7″ (177.8 mm) of travel
  • Made in USA

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