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Bug-O Systems is committed to empowering our customers by providing operator- controlled mechanized solutions for their welding, cutting and custom applications.

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Producing Innovative Welding & Cutting Solutions Since 1948

BUG-O Systems, founded in 1948, manufactures a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to mechanize welding guns, cutting torches and other hand- held tools. The equipment’s basic motion control concept was born during W.W.II as a means to help mass produce Navy ships at Higgins Industries, a shipbuilder in New Orleans. This shipyard, with the help of the original BUG-O machines, produced a record 700 boats a month. Although the product has seen several changes and updates, it continues to serve its original intention and has been expanded to many types of fabrication in addition to shipbuilding.


BUG-O Systems’ equipment is inexpensive, modular and portable. Our machines provide precise path and speed control in any plane or position. These features are particularly desirable to fabricators, shipbuilders and the construction industry. Operators achieve greater efficiency and profitability as well as, produce high quality cuts and welds. Welders decrease defects and costly repairs.


Our customers solve fabricating problems with standard, interchangeable Bug-O machine components. This economical solution saves money compared to a custom machine or robot. Production increases with a uniform improvement in quality, appearance and distortion control. Welders become machine operators who can, without fatigue, produce better products consistently. The mechanization is reliable and faster than manual welding. Welders enjoy a better work environment removed from welding/cutting fumes.


Bug-O Systems’ products are used in the following applications: oxy-fuel or plasma cutting and beveling, carbon arc or plasma gouging, MIG or Submerged Arc Welding, flame spraying and nondestructive inspection testing. Bug-O machines are well known and used in many different types of steel fabrication industries. These industries include: shipbuilding, pressure vessel manufacturing, rail car manufacturing, structural steel fabricating, mechanical contracting, steel supply and service centers and or anyone who welds or cuts metals as part of their product or service.

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Produce better products consistently, reliably and faster than with manual welding.

Bug-O Systems is a Family-Owned business founded in 1948. The company has grown and evolved to become an Industry Leader in the design and manufacture of portable cutting and welding mechanization products. Our machines give our customers an excellent return on their investment. From the St. Louis Arch to Disney Cruise Ships and Pipelines all around the world, Bug-O’s modular system of components can be configured to fit virtually any application.

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We can make recommendations and can setup a demonstration in your facility. You can see firsthand how Bug-O Systems can save you time, money and increase your quality and productivity.

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