Heavy Duty Sub-Arc Tractor

Heavy Duty for Welding Fillet and Butt Joints

The Bug-O System’s Submerged-Arc Tractor is outfitted with all of the necessary equipment for performing submerged-arc welding for fillet and butt joints. The integrated wire-feeder and torch provide racking for crossseam and vertical position fine-tuning. The heavy duty tractor is capable of travel speeds ranging from 5-100 ipm (127-2540 mm/min). It can carry a maximum payload of 350 lb (159 kg). All of the tractor controls are integrated into the wire-feed control unit, providing a seamless interface to the complete welding process. Heavy duty wire feed equipment is included on the machine with wire feed speed capabilities of 25 to 600 inches per minute for wire diameters of 1/16″ – 7/32″ (1.59 – 5.56 mm). The included flux recovery unit provides recycling of the submerged-arc flux.

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  • Over-sized wheels for heavy duty environments
  • LED display on pendant
  • Pendant provides two separate weld contactor switches for the starting operation of two separate torches
  • Integrated tractor controls into the wire-feed control unit
  • Flux recovery unit allows for recycling of submerged arc flux

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