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Bug-O Training Center Update

Apr. 05, 2013

The 5200 square foot Bug-O Training Center (Bug-O U) first opened in 2011 as a way to educate and increase customer’s efficiency on Bug-O Automation Equipment.  In 2012, we were surprisingly busy as attendance grew by more than double the previous year.  This year alone there have been over 200 persons trained on Mechanization Efficiency and the proper applications and use of our products at the Bug-O Training Facility and in the field, with well over 800 people expected to be trained by yearend 2013. Typically we receive and accept training requests from end users as far away as Alaska and the West Coast and as close as our own backyard, with international training for our customers and technical sales professionals from all over the world.  Since our start in 2011 we’ve grown exponentially in not only who we’ve trained, but also how we train.  What better place than Bug-O U can a client get their hands and train with more than $1M in Bug-O products  inventory. 

During 2013 our focus has expensed beyond just Product Training, but to include core educational programs for customers such as our Cost Reduction Program offering numerous welding tips, techniques and instruction on how to save time and money in constantly producing perfect size welds to eliminate excess costs in lost filler metal, grinding and touch-up.  We have developed these with our customer’s needs in mind.  Our programs are packed with valuable cost saving ideas in order to give the customer the most for their visit to our facility.