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KBUG Expansion with Shipyard Focus

Apr. 11, 2013

BUG-O Systems International continues to bring new and innovative products to the world of mechanized welding with the introduction of the KBUG product line in January 2012.  The KBUGs are smaller, digital machines with enhanced features providing application versatility.
The first two machines offered were self-propelled, magnetic based,
four wheel drive compact fillet welders. The KBUG-1000 features straight line continuous and programmable stitch welding and the KBUG-3000 mechanizes all-position continuous weave welding via wireless remote control.




The next series of KBUGs were integrated with Bug-O’s patented rigid and Hi-Flex rails to provide time proven track guided systems. The KBUG-5000 series mechanizes all-position pendulum weave welding and the KBUG-6000 series provides all-position linear weave welding. The first year performance review showed our customers that the KBUGS are superior to competitors’ products with their enhanced features and performance providing true cost savings.  The simplistic design improved users’ efficiency when training and welding.  High demand for increased productivity, better quality and improved worker ergonomics continues to drive the need for new and improved tools for welders in shipyards and many other fabrication operations.



Bug-O Systems International kicked off 2013 by introducing two more innovative KBUGs. The new KBUG-2000 is a dual gun, compact fillet welder for simultaneous welding of both sides of a vertical stiffener to a deck plate. These models create a more efficient process for welding stiffeners and other fillet joint applications on shipyard vessels where using a full panel line is too big and expensive. The new KBUG-4000 is a single gun, compact fillet welder with an extra strong magnetic base and four wheel drive which tracks on the vertical wall of a fillet joint rather than the horizontal surface.   Another big advantage of the KBUG-4000, over other machines and competitors, is it only weighs 17 lbs. (7.5 kg) yet generates 66 pounds of pull strength.


Bug-O Systems International is proud to present new and innovative tools to help welders improve their work
and have been doing so for more than 65 years. Look forward for more to come!