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GAWDA Spring Management Conference – Boca Raton, FL

May. 28, 2017

The GAWDA Annual Spring Management Conference was grander than ever, as this year’s back-drop was the old historic setting of the Boca Raton Resort and Beach Club, aka the Big Pink Building along the intra-coastal waterway and beaches, of Baca Raton Florida.    


GAWDA and AWS personnel alike, shared that “with the bigger and better contact booth in their main ballroom, this was the highest attendance we had seen in many years!” I can attest to that as well. Bug-O Systems also enjoyed having a booth right in the center of the main floor exhibit area and close to the front entrance. Personally, I have been attending and exhibiting in this event for the last six years and we received more leads and people in our booth than any other year. Gary Gorman, our Regional Manager for Florida was also “working the booth” for Bug-O and received greeting from some current clients as well as from new potential customers. 


Most of us feel this is the most important GAWDA event of the year, because it is of grand proportions and it is usually very early in the year. Most people are trying to network and share ideas whilst receiving other attendees' input on how they feel the year might turn out. This is also a place where distributors can see for the first time since the FABTECH Show, what new products are out there and get ideas on what their customers might be looking for. We had within our booth the newer KBUG-1200-BAT, a small portable trackless, cordless fillet welder that runs up to 16 hours on a single charge. Additionally, we had the new GO-FER IV with the new laminate replaceable faceplate, as well as our Modular Drive System. This year we offered a chance to win $500 in BUG-O Bucks. Pete Anderson of Welders Supply in Louisville, KY was the winner of those $500 BUG-O Bucks which they can use towards the purchase of a KBUG-1200-BAT or GO-FER IV. Congratulations Pete! 


It goes without saying that the guest speakers are always a strong part of the attraction to this meeting as well. Alan Beaulieu is GAWDA’s Chief Economist and President of ITR Economics who is world renown for his predictions of future economic treads, with a 94.7% accuracy rate. It’s no wonder people attend this very important event. What better way to learn about what the year might hold in store!


At the time of publishing this newsletter our attention is now focused on the FABTECH Show in Chicago, 6-9 November, where Bug-O will feature a completely new and exciting booth showcasing our products. We look forward to receiving you all there at Booth B-31018.