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A Word from Our CEO

Aug. 22, 2017

I've spent the course of the year visiting customers, asking a variety of questions:



  1. What do you like about our products? How can they be improved?

  2. How do we compare to other vendors you have?

  3. What applications do you have coming up over the next few years that you haven't been able to mechanize?




We've also told them that we are willing to build custom machines for specific applications they may have.


I've received good feedback from 8 different shipyards and they have been very helpful in giving input as to what our future product will look like.


We've begun to put together a framework of what this system will look like, and we are in the process of deciding what new platforms, drives and accessories will best address our customers’ needs now and in the near future.


I believe there are lots of opportunities in the future and we need to be able to act on them. Stay tuned!


Chip Cable - CEO, BUG-O Systems