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Bug-O Donates Modular Drive Equipment to Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Nov. 01, 2012

A new piece of automated welding equipment that will enhance training demonstrations at Hobart Institute of Welding Technology was donated this past summer by Bug-O® Systems, Inc. of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Jeff Nelson, Welding Engineer at Bug-O Systems coordinated the donation.  

The Modular Drive System is a machine that allows the operator to custom configure one machine for various applications and runs on standard Bug-O Systems Rail.  The modular design allows the user to quickly reconfigure the unit for straight line cutting or welding, stitch welding or weave welding, all with the same machine.

A control module plugs onto the top of the Master Drive Unit and operates various machine functions.  At the heart of the Modular Drive System is the master drive unit which houses the motor, speed control board, power supply, and clutch, that allows rapid manual positioning of the carriage anywhere along the track.

The weaver control module operates the pendulum or linear weaver, and the master drive unit. The control module features include a digital readout and control knob for longitudinal travel speed; a switch for Forward/Stop/Reverse tractor control; an amplitude knob to set weave width from 1/8"-2" (3-50 mm); weave speed control up to 100 in/min (254 cm/min); controls for left and right dwell; a knob to control steering up to 2" (50 mm), either side of center; weld contact; and a power On/Off switch. One of four weld patterns can be chosen using the mode selector switch.  Precision controls provide optimum weld results.

Mark Campbell and Dave Campbell, representatives for Bug-O Systems Weld Tooling Corporation were on hand to explain the operation to Hobart Institute’s technical instructor staff including Elmer Swank, Chuck Ford, Tom Sumerix, Russ Shurtz, and Nelson Morales.  

“Hobart Institute accepts this donation with gratitude,” said Scott Mazzulla, Director of Planning and Development.  “Knowing that it will be of value to our students to become acquainted with mechanized equipment is definitely an advantage for them.”

The new equipment will benefit students in the skill and technical courses.  

“The equipment will allow the students to become familiar with basic automation that they may encounter in their careers,” said Tom Sumerix, HIWT Welding Instructor.  

"Bug-O Systems is very pleased to have the opportunity to donate equipment to such a valuable educational resource as the Hobart Institute,” said Jeff Nelson.  “We here at Bug-O recognize the long term value of getting our welding automation equipment in the hands of young welders during their training.  It’s all about giving back to an industry that many of us have chosen for our career.  We feel sharing our knowledge, products and technology is one way to give back and provide an institution like the Hobart Institute a technologically superior environment in which to train the welding professionals of tomorrow."