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Welsco Weld Expo

Feb. 15, 2017


The Weld Expo is an annual event held by Welsco for the past 12 years, at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas, that introduces both novice and skilled welders to vendors. Over 2,000 people (including students, instructors and professionals) attended this year’s show. The first day saw primarily students and instructors, while the second day attracted many professionals.



Day one featured hands-on opportunities fir students to allow them to learn and understand the equipment. Although, some of the equipment and technology may have been in use for twenty or more years, it was all new to this group. They also saw new technology for grinding, safety, welding and many other welding related products. All students attended a presentation held by the American Welding Society. This session was designed to help students use their new skills to find employment. During the first day special attention was given to teachers and instructors, both high school and post-secondary. They had time for visiting vendors and making purchasing decisions on how to budget equipment for their fiscal year. It is not just a meet and greet, but a decision making event. Welsco, vendors, and vocational customers worked together to allow for strategic purchases with special show pricing.

Day two’s attendees were  primarily professionals. They ranged from presidents of companies to one-person welding shops; from foremen to welders. Fewer hands-on demonstrations were performed as the focus was on problem solving and matching products with customer needs. On day two Bug-O, Welsco, and the end users worked together to identify the right products. Follow-up demonstrations were arranged to showcase Bug-O equipment in use on actual applications for the end users. These are usually joint calls made by Bug-O Representatives and  Welsco outside sales people. Such calls not only create stronger Bug-O relationships but also result in other leads from customers that were not in attendance. 


The Welsco Weld Expo is the largest yearly event of its kind in Arkansas. It is the best opportunity for welders with different skill sets, Bug-O, and Welsco to create long term bonds. When making end user calls throughout the year references are often made regarding items seen or introductions made at the show. Weld Expo is not just a two day event, but a seed to help grow Bug-O business all year.