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Bug-O Tech Sales Expanding Relationship with Miller Electric

Apr. 28, 2017


A team from the Technical Sales and Special Systems Group at Bug-O Systems visited Miller Electric at their Appleton, Wisconsin headquarters to begin to build a closer working relationship with the welding equipment supplier. Matt Cable, President; Jeff Nelson, Manager Technical Sales; and Evan Fierst, Electrical Engineer were on-site for two days learning about the latest equipment offerings from Miller and demonstrating and discussing Bug-O equipment.  


Demonstration welding with the Bug-O systems Piper Plus integrated with the Miller Pipe Worx 400 was performed. Representatives of both Miller and Bug-O operated the equipment in all positions on the pipe and were pleased with the results.   




Recent Special Systems built at Bug-O using various models of Miller power sources and wire feeders were also discussed. The Miller Sub Arc Digital Series has been integrated with the Bug-O Digital Circle Welder DCW-18 with good success. This offers the increased productivity of digitally controlled submerged arc welding linked with the continuous rotation capability of the circle welder. A request using the Miller Axcess system mounted to the Bug-O Heavy Duty Tractor proved to be a wonderful solution for a challenging aluminum welding application.

As the two companies become more accustomed to working together, it is expected that we will see more and more solutions with “The Power of Blue”.