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Bug-O Systems Presents Pipe Welding Mechanization at Local 83 Open House – Wheeling, WV

Apr. 17, 2017

BUG-O Systems was pleased to present several pipe welding mechanization products at a recent open house put on by the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 83 in Wheeling, WV. Local 83’s training center hosts a 5-year apprenticeship program which includes both classroom and on-the-job training for future journeymen plumbers, pipe-fitters, steam-fitters, and service mechanics. The training center hosted a two day open house for various local contractors, high school industrial arts programs, and local joint vocational tech schools as well as a large group of students from West Virginia Northern Community college. The UA also had their mobile training trailer on site for the Open house. This fully equipped trailer features the most advanced technology and the latest equipment used in the pipe trades and travels around the country to provide training programs for local UA members.     



BUG-O performed live demonstrations for visitors and students on the Piper-Plus welding system integrated with the Miller PipeWorx 400 Pipe Fabrication system. The demonstrations were performed on 18” diameter ½” wall pipe. The root pass was put in by a Local 83 Journeyman pipefitter and the Piper-Plus system was used for the hot, fill, and cap passes utilizing Gas-shielded Flux core in the vertical up position. Students were given a full explanation and demonstration of the Miller RMD process by Miller representatives and had the chance to run several RMD root pass welds using the PipeWorx system. Students also had the opportunity to use the Piper-Plus and the Universal Bugomatic to run sample welds and learn the benefits of controlling the torch remotely via mechanization rather than by hand.  


BUG-O continues to pursue opportunities to improve productivity and ergonomics for the American worker.