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AWS/Cee Kay Supply Mini Show – St. Louis, MO

Apr. 10, 2017


Cee Kay Supply, founded in 1948, has been one of the strongest, most respected Independent Welding and Gas Distributors in the mid-west. On 6 April, they hosted the annual event coupled with the St Louis chapter of AWS and created the AWS Mini Show. This very popular complete day show allowed contractors, customers, AWS Members and students alike to have the opportunity to visit and speak with industry experts, see new products and in many cases experience live demos as well.  


This program is held in the Welding Educational Training Center of Cee Kay’s headquarters in central St Louis. Their facility is perfect for this event because it is well over 12,000 square feet. Within their facility they have permanent training areas designated for Bug-O Systems, Lincoln Electric, Miller, Esab, Fronius and Thermadyne just to name only a few of the over 20 companies that were represented that day. Additionally every company there had their product displays and product specialist on hand to discuss client’s specific needs.  

Norm Sted (Bug-O N.A. Sales Director) and Jerry Simpson (AWS President, St Louis section)  

Personally I worked the Bug-O Center with Donovan Monahan, Regional Manager for Bug-O in Missouri and Southern Illinois. Ryan Kinsman was also on hand from CR Kinsman in case Donovan got out of hand. We had with us the New GO-FER IV, KBUG-1200, UNI-BUG III and the MDS with linear weaver.


In lieu of the soft economy during most of 2016, it was a welcome sight to have so many people in attendance at this annual event. I have attended this event numerous years and in my opinion this was the strongest year for attendance. 


Another example of how Bug-O Systems shows their support of this event is that we gave away to three deserving students, 3-annual AWS Memberships. It is also our way of trying to promote welding and AWS to the young people of today! We appreciate the business and support Cee Kay Supply provides Bug-O Systems and it goes without saying how we appreciate all that AWS provides our Industry. We look forward to supporting Cee Kay Supply and AWS of St. Louis again next year. Thank you Team for an outstanding show and event!   


Norm Sted – Director of N. A. Sales & Global Marketing