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New Product Changes and Quality Improvements

Jul. 27, 2016

Bug-O Systems has always remembered our roots, innovative and inexpensive system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools. In a nutshell, we mechanize welding at a high ROI. As a result, those roots are deep. Bug-O Systems has one of the largest and most comprehensive product lines in the industry.

Bug-O Systems has laid an unprecedented path in its company’s history; to not only continue the existing path of innovation through new product offerings, but to evaluate its current product offerings and find ways to make them better, and get them in your hands quicker than ever before.    




The year 2015 brought two new products, reintroducing the Go-fer (IV) which features pre-settable digital speed meter, dual contactors with glove friendly industrial switches, a gas manifold, and a wide range drive motor capable of 2.5 to 100 inches per minute so you can perform basic oxy-fuel cutting, welding and even plasma cutting and gouging. We also announced the MM-5 pipe cutting machine, the next generation moving up from our MM-1. It increases pipe weight capacity of up to 5,000 pounds and includes standard Automatic Height Control to help compensate for pipe out-of-round conditions. 




To continue our innovation push in 2016, Bug-O Systems announced an OEM and Distribution relationship for Weld Revolution. With that announcement came the integration of Bug-O Systems products with Weld Revolution’s SpinArc™ welding torches. The integration of the two systems provides a complete solution. Fabricators and manufacturing companies will reduce their costs, increase productivity, and improve their quality by utilizing the advantages of mechanized SpinArc™ welding.


Bug-O Systems also introduced Automatic Height Control, a compact, easy to use accessory designed to maintain a constant welding torch-to-work distance for Sub Arc, Flux-Core and MIG welding applications. It includes a solid-state control box and a motorized slide which will bolt onto any standard Bug-O Systems carriage or fixture. It can be used for a wide variety of welding applications where precise control of welding current is critical. Retrofit kits for the Universal Bug-O-Matic , MDS and Mini Manipulators are available.  


One of the low-cost workhorses, the K-BUG 1200 saw a value engineering initiative that brought several quality and reliability enhancements. Bug-O Systems targeted the drive system to increase longevity, including a revamped gearbox, lubrication to handle higher heat, encapsulating the magnet assembly for easier engagement and beefing up the shaft bearings. We also took a look at the Printed Circuit Card Assembly, making changes that increase reliability without increasing cost.


Plans for 2017


Bug-O Systems has two main business segments, “Standard Product” and Specials. These two segments were a subject of much debate, but are really quite simple in definition; Standard Product is market driven New Product Development, and Specials are products that have an immediate specific customer need not related to the market. Sometimes our Standard Products are forged through the Specials group, as in the case of the Universal Bug-O-Matic with integrated wire feed, which will be formally introduced at FABTECH. This system has the wire feeder directly mounted to the UBOM tractor, reducing the overall system footprint and providing a more reliable wire feed.  


Also to be introduced at FABTECH is the next generation Piper-Plus, incorporating an inclinometer and seam tracking so the system knows where it is on the pipe relative to the weld joint. This combination allows for precise control to welding parameters (volts, amps, travel speed, weave, etc.) over the entire circumference of the weld maintaining total control of the weld procedure parameters and assuring weld process quality control. 


Bug-O Systems will also be introducing the “Hi-CAP” MDS, which is a Modular Drive System with a beefed up drive system that more than doubles the current MDS load carrying capabilities, allowing the system to pull longer lengths of welding harnesses.


Another new product offering will be the Koala Portable Welding Fixture providing automatic horizontal girth welding for joining square column to column sections, and also automatic column to splice welding. A split ring rail is mounted to the square section at the joint, allowing the Koala tractor to ride along the seam. A spring loaded holder keeps the torch on the square seam as the Koala makes its way around the ring rail, providing automatic transitioning around the column radius.


Continuing the aggressive push, Bug-O Systems also plans to introduce a variation of the Automatic Height Control for TIG applications.


As Bug-O continues to introduce new products, we are also focusing on the next generation drive systems. These new architectural platforms provide even greater flexibility over a wide array of applications, and will provide more opportunities for customization while still maintaining what we consider to be a “Standard Product”. The cross pollination of Standard Product and Special applications will allow Bug-O Systems to continue to address your specific application, and get it in your hands without a wait. 


Joe DeMatteis, Engineering Manager