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Lonnie Nations -Tribute to a Gentleman

Feb. 29, 2016


The welding and cutting industry mourns the loss of a true professional when Lonnie Nations passed away at the age of 78 on 20, January 2016. His death came as a surprise as many did not even realize he was down with pneumonia. Two days prior to his passing, Lonnie was out making sales calls as he enjoyed the sales process and his role as an Independent Sales Representative. Lonnie lived in Fredericktown, Missouri with his wife Joyce where he was very well known and respected in that community.   



Lonnie spent most of his adult life in the welding supply and distribution business prior to becoming a REP. Lonnie was so incredibly knowledgeable of this industry that many distributor sales persons and customers alike looked to Lonnie for insight and advice to their applications. Lonnie loved the industry and his customers such that he could not see himself even considering retirement. His experience, hands on approach and level headedness always made him the “go to guy” for so many.  


In my nearly five years knowing and working closely with him, I appreciated and enjoyed working with him. Lonnie was a gentleman in every sense of the word; a gentle, man! I never once saw or heard him raise his voice or express anger in any way. Lonnie will be truly missed! 


Norm Sted