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ICOM SRL – Bolivia

Apr. 01, 2016

ICOM SRL is a distributor for Bug-O Systems International in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. They have represented Bug-O since 2009 and have built a demo. center for our products over the years. They currently have our most popular machines, the Go-fer and Modular Drive Systems on display as well as our Programmable Shape Machine and Universal Bug-O-Matic. Their facility is used for “live” welding and cutting demonstrations and also training for current and potential customers.



Jorge Puchaicela, our Sales Manager for Central and South America, recently visited ICOM SRL to meet with their ends users  to show them the advantage of mechanized welding and cutting operations with Bug-O Systems’ different product lines. The ability to do “live” demonstrations gave them a hands on approach which easily explained the benefits of mechanization such as time, cost and efficiency savings. Jorge and ICOM SRL also conducted several seminars for their industry colleagues. 



Bug- O Systems International and ICOM SRL recently started a program to promote the advantages of mechanization of welding and cutting operations. Many structural fabricators will benefit from this program as they will be able to better understand the impact of our latest technologies which will improve the productivity of their operations and the quality of their products. 


We look forward to continuing and growing our partnership with ICOM SRL!