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2015 Trip Throughout Asia

Jan. 08, 2016


Big changes have occurred for Bug-O Systems in the Asian Market.

After 24 years with Bug-O, our Asia/Pacific territory manager, Chris Bell-Booth retired in 2015. We thank Chris for his many years of service and wish him and his wife, Karen all the best. Chris will continue to promote Bug-O through his son’s company, Trans Ocean Developments Ltd, as a Bug-O Systems Distributor. 


Bug-O Systems International is very excited to announce the appointment of Allan Kahui as our new territory manager for the Asia/Pacific region. Allan’s extensive experience in both the welding industry and the tank fabrication industry confirms he is the right man for the job. 


To ensure Allan had a good introduction to the people in his territory, Bug-O Executive Vice President, Matt Cable and the Director of International Sales, Mark Binder traveled with him to visit several key distributors in the region. The trip had three key objectives: To introduce Allan, to re-establish the Cable family ties with our distributors and for me to reaffirm our long standing partnerships. 

We first visited Aichi-Sangyo in Tokyo, Japan.  Our gracious host and longtime friend, Mickey Imaizumi, invited us to give the complete product line presentation to his staff to ensure they were all aware of the breadth of products Bug-O offers. We were very pleased with the interest the staff showed. The presentation was followed by a good discussion of applications. We also toured the facility and discussed several special projects we will work on together.
Our next stop was Manila, Philippines. There we met with our long time Distributors, Albert and Victor Tiu. Albert and Victor own and operate Toolec, in the heart of Manila. During our visit we traveled to Grandspan Development Corporation, one of their biggest customers. There we helped train operators on the MM-1 Pipe cutting machine that they had recently purchased. 


From Manila, we traveled to Singapore and spent a few days with Willie Chng and Shu of SSH Corporation Ltd. While in Singapore went to a heavy pressure vessel manufacturer who had recently purchased a CWP-18 Programmable Nozzle welder. We spent the day working with the welders, helping them refine the operation of the CWP-18 to produce perfect welds on a large diameter nozzle, fitted to a pressure vessel. We want to thank Willie and Shu for sharing the local cuisine. The Singapore Pepper Crab was amazing! 


ARCmatic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was next on the agenda. In Kuala Lumpur we sat down with the entire staff, reviewed the structure of ARCmatic’s business and presented our product line. Arcmatic has several young new salesmen who were anxious to learn how Bug-O Systems can help their customers become more productive.  Bug-O Systems would like to give many thanks to TS Tan for his gracious support.


Our last stop was Bangkok, Thailand. Pichapop Abhinoraseth, owner and manager of Thai Hansa Welding Electrodes Co. had a full schedule set for our visit. We first met his staff, discussed products and applications, and toured their factory. On the second day we helped to staff their booth at the World Sugar Expo in Bangkok. Thailand has over 50 sugar processing mills. This show exhibits products and services targeting the huge sugar industry of Thailand. Pichapop has incorporated the Bug-O MDS Programmable Shape machine into the process of depositing his specially formulated Tungsten welding wire for rebuilding the crusher rolls of the mills. On the last day, we all traveled up into the heart of Thailand and visited two of the biggest Sugar mills to see the Bug-O products used on site. We commend Pichapop on his accomplishment of greatly improving the rebuilding process by mechanizing with Bug-O Systems.


Bug-O Systems International extends its sincere gratitude for the dedication, hospitality and friendship we experienced during our trip. We look forward to a continued prosperous relationship with all.