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Bug-O Distributor Training Hits California

Jan. 09, 2016

Mike Shaffer and the Bug-O Systems training initiative finished the year with a tour of California. In December when many companies are starting to wind-down and get ready for year-end closings and inventory, we found that many distributors were very willing to make their complete sales staff available for product training. 
The tour of California spans a two week period and started off in San Diego and ended up in San Francisco. The entire training tour was set up and organized by Team Rizzo made up of Marc and Nick Rizzo, Regional Sales Managers for Bug-O. Nick Rizzo assisted Mike with the first training which again started off in San Diego at Cameron Welding Supply where they trained 12 members of their sales staff. There was classroom presentations coupled with hands on welding and cutting in their lab. Practical set-up, installation and how to run a successful demo was taught using the KBUG-3000, MDS (Modular Drive System) and the new GO-FER IV. Our philology is you learn by doing; so the hands on is the most valuable part of any training program.  
The next training program was with WESTAIR at their Bakersfield location where Mike received the support of Marc Rizzo. After they completed the training there, Marc and Mike performed additional WESTAIR training at their Fresno and San Francisco hubs. WESTAIR leveraged these opportunities and the availability of their Team Members and brought them in from neighboring locations to receive this training. At each of the locations, again in addition to the theory portion in the classroom, it also included a day of hands on practical training with the GO-FER IV, KBUG-3000 and the MDS. In total over 40 WESTAIR sales persons were trained.  
We love being able to bring the knowledge of improved efficiencies to our customers and helping them solve real production and quality concerns. Bug-O products are power tools for welders. Our products do not replace workers; our products make skilled workers more productive and efficient. How can Bug-O products help your bottom line?   
Please contact Norm Sted at nsted@weld.com for any information regarding distributor and customer training.