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Allan Kahui – Tank Fabrication Product Manager/Territory Manager of Asia Pacific

Sep. 01, 2015

In September 2015, Bug-O Systems International welcomed Allan Kahui to the team. Allan is from New Zealand but has been living and working in Australia since 2008. He initially trained as a Boilermaker and Pressure Welder and served a 6 year apprenticeship in the industry in New Zealand working in Large Pulp and Paper Mills. He has 15 years’ experience in the heavy fabrication, industrial process and maintenance industry, internationally.  Allan’s role at Bug-O includes managing the Asia Pacific region of which he will be regularly traveling throughout to offer any assistance our clients need.  He will also be available to offer his tank fabrication knowledge globally. Allan’s many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry is a great addition to the company.     




Allan worked in Australia as a Tank Construction and Welding Manager and then went on to become a Tank Erection and Auto Welding consultant.  He specialized in providing advice to his clients on new tank builds, tank maintenance and all things related to tank welding.  Allan serviced numerous clients in Australasia and the Middle East and he was also employed by a specialist equipment manufacturer to assist in the development, testing and installation of equipment, both locally and internationally and to recruit and train operators for deployment worldwide. He also specializes in auto girth submerged arc welding and electro gas automatic vertical welding and was routinely employed to install machines and trouble shoot for construction companies when they had operational or quality issues onsite. 


Allan has quite the list of certifications.  He is an International Welding Institute (IIW) and also Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) qualified Senior Welding Inspector, Welding Supervisor and International Welding Specialist.  He is currently completing a MSC in Welding Engineering at Cranfield University in London, UK.


What makes Allan special is his love of all things related to welding and fabrication.  He looks forward to bringing his passion and also experience as an international contractor to the team at Bug-O.  When asked what his plans were he had the following to say.


“Tank construction is a very specialized field as is the equipment that contractors utilize during erection/maintenance and we have the best and most comprehensive tank construction equipment range available worldwide even supplying PLC controlled high lift tank jacks and automatic welding equipment that is fully compatible with top down “jacked “ tank construction. I have operated in some of the most expensive construction environments in the world and look forward to sharing my knowledge of innovative erection and welding productivity methods with our customers.”   


“I am glad to be on-board and part of the team at Bug-O and look forward to meeting and working with you all. The biggest lessons I have learned in my years in construction are based on the values of teamwork, respect and integrity and also the fact that everyone you meet can teach you something.  I look forward to learning something from all of you. Please contact me if I can ever be of assistance to you or even just to say hello.”


Allan Kahui