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Fabtech 2015

Oct. 26, 2015

Fabtech, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating and welding event will be held this year at the McCormick Place November 9-13 in Chicago, IL. This year’s show features over 1,500 exhibitors and is expecting over 40,000 attendees. Bug-O Systems has exhibited at every Fabtech Show since its inception and is proud to once again be an exhibitor at this year’s show, booth: N8013.  




BUG-O Systems will be featuring several new products at the show this year. The Gofer IV is BUG-O Systems updated version of the best-selling straight line cutting and welding machine on the market. The new design features dual weld contact connections with rocker switches. Also included is a quick-action gas manifold, a digital display showing travel speed ranging from 2.5 to 100 IPM, and an 8’ rail. BUG-O is running a promotional special on the Gofer IV through the end of the year for an additional 5 % discount for the 4th quarter of 2015 that will be available at the show.  

There will be two updated versions of the BUG-O Systems Piper Plus Pipe welding system on display at the show for 2015. One machine will feature complete integration with the Miller Pipeworx Welding System. This Piper bug will also feature complete integration with the Weld Revolution SpinArc™ torch with full controls for RPM and rotation direction. The second system will be the Piper Plus Welding System integrated with the newer Lincoln Electric S350. This system will feature a newly integrated inclinometer which provides for pre-programmed weld procedure changes determined by the Piper’s transition of location during the weld cycle. This will be fully programmable through the control box for the Piper Plus. The addition of this feature to the Piper Plus Welding System enables user-defined, segmented parameter adjustment in any travel direction.


BUG-O Systems will be displaying an upgraded version of the MM1 Saddle and Elbow cutter; the MM5. The new machine has a 5,000 lb weight capacity and can cut pipe from 4’ to 36” in diameter. The bed features bi-directional rollers and can accommodate pipe lengths up to 40’. Pipe diameters less than 12 ¾” can be passed through the cutting head to enable loading from either end of the machine. This machine will also feature a new fully integrated AVC system from BUG-O Systems. This will enable height control for Plasma cutting on the MM5.


BUG-O Systems and Weld Revolution are teaming up to showcase SpinArc™ technology with several live welding exhibits. Clad overlay and narrow groove welding demonstrations will highlight the increased productivity and quality made possible with this new process. The SpinArc™ welding torch rotates the contact tip and welding wire up to 5,000 rpm. This high speed rotation creates centrifugal force that propels the molten weld droplets into the welding joint. When coupled with BUG-O’s mechanized system, significant benefits result by cutting welding time, reducing filler metal usage, minimizing distortion and delivering value through an overall reduction in welding costs.  

The BUG-O Systems staff looks forward to seeing you at the show and discussing your applications and needs for mechanization.