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Nor-Pac Airgas – Welding Process Specialist Training

Sep. 04, 2015

On September 1st Dan Sheets (Director- Advanced Fabrication Technologies Nor Pac) and Mike Shaffer (Bug-0 “U” Education Manager) teamed up and provided an Advanced Training course for the Welding Process Specialists at Airgas Nor Pac.  The program took place at the Airgas Nor-Pac Regional Office and Technical Center in the Seattle Washington area.  
Bug-O was proud to be invited to address this prestigious Airgas group. Mike Shaffer and Steven Scott (Regional Sales Manager for Bug-O Systems) displayed and demonstrated the new “all in one” Go-fer IV. This was a “sneak preview” for this Airgas Team as they were given this opportunity to see and use the machine before Bug-O’s National new Product Launch. Additionally Mike and Steven demonstrated the all position KBUG-3000 and the famous Modular Drive System. Since Airgas invests in their process specialists by having them go through some of the most advanced training in the world, Bug-O was proud to be invited to address this Airgas group as it is most prestigious for us. Airgas believes in investing in technical education and passing it on to customers as cost savings and quality.
There are many stories that demonstrate that mechanization saves customers money and time. One example from this training session involved Joey Stokes, Airgas specialist. He took the controls on the KBUG-3000 and within the first five minutes he increased the deposition rate twice what it was with a simple adjustment to the voltage and wire feed speed. The savings and quality can be astonishing with a small investment in Bug-O equipment.