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On the Road Training at Sierra College with Bug-O Systems

Jul. 10, 2015

In January 2015, Bug-O Systems announced that it would take their “Bug-O U” training that was typically done at the Bug-O school facility “on the road”. This free training would travel to distributors, schools and customers at their facility. This “On the Road” Program is of great value due to cost savings in decreased travel time. Distributors, schools and end users alike have driven the demand of this program. Since then, Bug-O Systems invested over a quarter million dollars, logged hundreds of hours, and traveled across the world to bring the training to your door. 
A recent training at Sierra College, located in Rocklin California gave Mike Shaffer (Bug-O System’s Education Manager) the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of utilizing automation by welders at their facility. Mike and Bill Wenzel (Sierra College - Weld Instructor) discussed the comparison between Bug-O equipment used by a welder and a circular saw utilized by a carpenter.  Just as the circular saw serves as the chosen tool for the carpenter, Bug-O equipment is the tool for the welder. In less than thirty minutes the Modular Drive System was taken out of the box, set up and was welding. The inherent fear of automation putting welders out of work was laid to rest once the students witnessed firsthand the easy setup, precision and quality produced by the MDS. After Bill Wenzel made a few adjustments to the wire feed speed and voltage on the MDS, the welding went from 10 ipm to over 30 ipm. Over the course of one year, welding an average of 200 feet in an 8 hour day at $25 hours, it would save the company $104,000. These numbers are impressive and demonstrate the power of automation used in fabrication. 
In only six months, Bug-O Systems’ “On the Road” training has achieved great success. We would like to thank all of the Distributors, Schools and End Users who have given us the opportunity to demonstrate and train them utilizing Bug-O’s automation equipment. We will continue to provide “on the road” training at your facility by request. If you have any questions or want to learn about the outside training programs, please contact mshaffer@weld.com.