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Air Liquide Open House – Alaska 2015

May. 15, 2015

As the weather breaks and spring starts to move in for residents living in Fairbanks and Anchorage Alaska, this presents the perfect time for Air Liquide America to hold their Annual Gas and Welding Open House. As a leading producer and supplier of industrial gas and related products and services, the staff at both the Fairbanks and Anchorage stores, hold an open house on two separate days. This year the Fairbanks location held their event on 12, May and in Anchorage on the 14, May. They host welding houses and fabricators from as near as up the street to as far away as areas that can only be reached by sea plane. 



Once a year, typically around Mothers Day, the company opens their doors and invites many vendors and manufacturers to come in and display their products to Air Liquide’s customers. This year Bug-O Systems was present again to showcase our KBUGs, Modular Drive System and many other products we offer in cooperation with our local area representative, Mike Mackintosh, and Norton Abrasives.
With a great turnout of roughly 600-700 people from the local Fairbanks welding shops on the first day, the group headed south to host day two in Anchorage. This year Air Liquide had approximately 10-12 vendors participate in which they offered products ranging from safety equipment up to all stages of metal working processes including material preparation, cutting, grinding and welding. Overall, the attendance for day two was well in excess of 3,000 people, most who came from all over the state as well as the western parts of Canada. Since Alaska is so secluded in a sense, it’s very difficult for the welders and companies there to see how the welding and fabricating industry is changing in the lower 48 states and to acknowledge the steps they need to take in order to stay in stride with technology. As Bug-O Systems has been an industrial leader in welding mechanization since 1948, we look forward to a continuing partnership with Air Liquide America and returning in Alaska next year with new products and continuing support.