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The Launch of Bug-O’s Travelling Education Program

Jan. 26, 2015

In 2015 Bug-O University is giving everyone an exciting opportunity for education as it goes on the road with both half and full day sessions available. This program is designed for distributors, colleges, vocational schools and customers alike. It will be held at your facility and will focus on your customers' need. 


Through this new travelling program, you can brush-up and further master the operation and implementation of the most popular line of new and standard Bug-O Products, including the famous Modular Drive System (MDS). You will be able to identify and assemble all of the accessories that will make your customers more competitive and profitable. By improving skills in the proper setup, demonstration and troubleshooting of Bug-O equipment, you will enjoy greater sales success.

Bug-O “U” identifies the common mistakes that often lead to escalating welding, cutting and fabricating costs. New and proven mechanized methods are demonstrated and provided for customers to implement in their facilities so they can reduce their costs while increasing quality. These methods lead to a cost savings by a minimum of 30% in the first year of implementation. Contact Mike Shaffer (mshaffer@weld.com) at Bug-O Systems today to learn more.