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Growth is HOT in Alaska but not the Weather

Oct. 22, 2014

During the week of October 12th Mike Mackintosh (Bug-O’s Regional Manager) and Norm Sted (Bug-O’s Director of Sales and Marketing) embarked on a one week training Road Show that started in Anchorage and extended to Fairbanks. Each program was well attended with customers from the petro-chemical, mining industries as well as training centers. Many customers stated that they are enjoying a great year. The need for energy and the reduced tax liability to those industries in Alaska has driven the growth which all are currently enjoying. At each Road Show seminar, we saw a very good turnout where we demonstrated the GO-FER III, KBUG-1200 and KBUG-3000 with its handy wireless remote. A special thank you to Mike for taking the lead on these programs and making all the difficult arrangements. As you might imagine, logistics can be challenging.  

Alaska is a market that Bug-O is committed to so we hope this Road Show is the first of many more to come. Thank you to all that hosted us and opened their doors to receive this Bug-O Training.