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Reintroduction of the Zipper Welder

Jul. 08, 2014

The zipper welder has been in the Bug-O repertoire for quite some time. However, we recently have seen a larger demand for it due to increased tank production worldwide. It is used for vertical seam welding for storage tanks and other applications where you need a vertical seam weld.

The zipper welder premise is quite simple. By being able to hang our rail system over the top of the tank and use only minimal magnets, it makes fit up time fast and effective. It is also able to roll across the top of the tank removing the trouble of picking up our system and moving the system from weld to weld cutting down setup time, thus increasing productivity and profits.

It is used in conjunction with our modular drive system which enables the end user the option of a linear weaver or pendulum weaver for vertical welding applications.

The zipper welder is also a cost effective and great alternative for vertical joints if you do not want to step up to some of our larger tank fabrication equipment.

We will be introducing literature on the zipper welder in the near future and it will also be available in our new tank fabrication literature that will be available before Fabtech 2014.

Josh Chiprich
Tank Fabrication Market Manager