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Modular Drive System

Powerful Solutions for Welding and Cutting Mechanization with Precision and Versatility!

The Modular Drive System is the only product in the industry that allows the user to configure one machine for multiple applications. The Master Drive Unit accepts several interchangeable control modules for programmable shape cutting, straight line cutting/welding, stitch welding, programmable stitch welding, arc gouging, linear weaving and pendulum weaving.


  • High torque, low inertia motor
  • Dedicated fail-safe brake
  • Motor overload protection
  • Closed loop speed control
  • Closed loop position control
  • Made in USA

Master Drive Unit

At the heart of the Modular Drive System is the Master Drive Unit which houses the motor, speed control board, power supply, and clutch, that allows rapid manual positioning of the carriage anywhere along the track. The unit runs from 2-120 in/min (51-3048 mm/min) with a vertical load capacity of 60 lbs (27 kg) and a horizontal load capacity of 100 lbs (45 kg).

The Master Drive Unit has a high torque, low inertia motor for precise stops and starts and a dedicated fail-safe brake with three times the stopping and holding power of the motor. The unit is equipped with motor overload protection which turns the motor off and engages the brake whenever an excessive load is placed on the machine. In addition, the Master Drive features closed loop speed control for adjustable, repeatable control of critical welding or cutting parameters, and closed loop position control to prevent creep.

Modular Drive System Kits are all in one packages based upon application. All kits include: master drive, control module, racking, torch holder, rail and magnets. Only the welding kits include a torch with the kit. Please see our Product Catalog (pages 3-5) for kit options.


Remote Control Cable – Installs between the Master Drive Unit and the Control Module, allowing the operator to perform work in confined areas where it would be difficult to reach the controls.

MDS-1060-10 – 10 ft (3 m) Length
MDS-1060-25 – 25 ft (7.6 m) Length

Weld Contact Cable – Provides the required connection to control a wire feeder contractor circuit from the MDS Control Module.

MDS-1085 – 10′ (3.05 m) Length
MDS-1085-25 – 25′ (7.62 m) Length
MDS-1085-50 – 50′ (15.24 m) Length

Automatic Height Control System – Mounts on Master Drive Unit and includes Remote Control Cable. Provides automatic control of torch height when using an CV welding process. Includes controls for: current set point, auto/manual and torch raise/lower.

CAS-2050 (For WPD-1100 Linear Weaver)
CAS-2060 (For WPD-2100 Pendulum Weaver)

Extended Mounting Plate – Mounts to front of the carriage for use with dual cutting or welding groups, heavy duty racking, etc.


Quick Action Manifold – Allows quick On/Off of preset torch and eliminates hose strain.

MDS-3025 – 2-Hose
MDS-9898 – 3-Hose

Hose Assemblies
CIR-1010-3 – 2-Hose
MUG-1119-32 – 3-Hose

Universal Limit Kit – Installs between the Master Drive Unit and any of the control modules. This limit kit adds the ability to cycle between limits, stop at limit, or rapid return. All existing functions of the control modules are maintained.

MDS-1055 – For Rigid Rail Applications
FMD-1045 – For Hi-Flex Rail Applications

Handle with Cable Anchor – Keeps welding cables and contact wires away from the work surface, eliminating drag.


Racking Groups:

Machined Rack Cutting Group

Machined Rack Welding Group

Control Modules:

A Control Module plugs onto the top of the Master Drive Unit and operates various machine functions. Several Control Modules are available; Programmable shape cutting or welding, straight-line cutting and/or welding, straightline gouging, programmable stitch welding as well as weave welding capability.

Programmable Shape Module (MDS-1165)
The MDS Programmable Shape Module provides 2-axis, encoder controlled, all position, custom shape motion. Shapes and patterns are built by segments to control motion and function. The 2-axis motion is provided by the MDS Master drive and the Linear Weaver w/ 40″ (101.6 cm) Crossarm.

Straight Module (MDS-1002)
The MDS-1002 Straight Control Module provides direction and speed control for continuous cutting or welding applications.

Stitch Module (MDS-1003)
The MDS-1003 Stitch Module provides direction and speed control for continuous travel or Stitch Mode with adjustments for travel time, rapid time and puddle build/crater fill times.

Programmable Stitch Module (MDS-1004)
The MDS-1004 Programmable Module provides stitch controls for welding or cutting with the Modular Drive System. Program Stitch by distance, automatic stop and/or return to start at the end of the cycle, independent timers for puddle-buildup. All stitching parameters are set and displayed on a graphic screen. This allows each setting to be set exactly the same every time.

Arc Gouger Straight Module (AGS-1002)
The AGS-1002 Arc Gouging Straight Control Module provides direction and speed control for the AGS gouging systems. This Control Module interfaces with the Arc Gouging system to automatically provide travel when the arc is established.

The Weaver Control Module operates the Pendulum or Linear Weaver, and the Master Drive Unit. The Control Module features include: a digital readout and control knob for longitudinal travel speed; a switch for Forward/Stop/Reverse tractor control; an amplitude knob to set weave width from 1/8″-2″ (3-50 mm); weave speed control up to 100 in/min (254 cm/min); controls for left and right dwell; a knob to control steering up to 2″ (50 mm), either side of center; weld contact; and a power On/Off switch. One of four weld patterns can be chosen using the mode selector switch, as shown in the figure below. The MDS-1005-DIAL Weaver Control Module w/ locking dials provides all of the function controls of the MDS-1005 and provides lockable numerical display dials for all oscillator functions.

Linear Weaver (WPD-1100)
The Linear Weaver and the Weaver Control Module provide the Modular Drive System with linear weave motion, producing welds from 1/8″ to 2″ (3-50 mm) wide. The Linear Weaver bolts onto the front of the Carriage and the Weaver Control Module plugs onto the top of the Master Drive Unit, as shown below. The Linear Weaver also has motor overload protection which turns off the motor when too much load is placed on the Linear Weaver.

Pendulum Weaver (WPD-2100)
The Pendulum Weaver and the Weaver Control Module provide a pendulum weaving motion to the Modular Drive System. The Pendulum Weaver is particularly useful for weaving fillet welds in a corner joint. The Pendulum Weaver support bolts onto the front of the carriage and the Weaver Control Module plugs onto the top of the Master Drive Unit, as shown below. The Pendulum Weaver has a heavy duty planetary gear box with powerful output for rotating welding gun and attachments.


The Linear/Pendulum Weaver and Weaver Control Module incorporate the following standard features:


  • High torque, low inertia motor for precise starts and stops.
  • High speed Linear/Pendulum Weaver for weaving, with independent control of right and left dwell times.
  • High motor gearing which prevents the crossarm from moving when the unit is turned off.
  • Closed loop speed control for adjustable and repeatable control of critical welding parameters.
  • Closed loop position control to prevent drift from the weld center position.
  • Clutch, to enable rapid installation or replacement of the weaver cross arm.
  • Gun mounting group with adjustable racking for accurate positioning of the gun.
  • Contactor ON/OFF switch.

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