The Torch Incline is a new device that provides quick torch angle modifications. The Automatic Height Control (AHC) is an accessory that maintains a constant weld torch-to-work distance. Both accessories provide precision for achieving high quality welds.

Highly repetitive horizontal welds are needed in the splicing of thick section pilings, columns and horizontal ship hulls. Making these horizontal welds with uniform quality and appearance requires proper bead placement and torch angle. The Torch Incline provides the ability to modify the torch angle while keeping the contact tip in the same position relative to the previous bead.

When welding the first few passes inside a beveled preparation, the torch must be angled for best access. As the weld beads are made and the weld prep is filled, the torch angle is often changed from pass to pass. This new torch holder allows angle change to be done easily and rapidly.

The curved arm of the Torch Incline is CNC engraved with angle markings to allow torch angle positions from -10 degrees to +30 degrees (to clearly see the angle markings, watch the video per the link below). These markings allow the welder to set the torch at the angle as required from pass to pass and repeat those same angles from weld layer to layer. The Torch Incline, mounted to the Modular Drive System Linear Weaver and used with the Automatic Height Control, provides a valuable tool for performing high quality, repeatable mechanized welds in the horizontal position. Watch the Torch Incline video demonstration. This video clearly shows how easy it is to make rapid angle adjustments with the Torch Incline:

The AHC system is a compact and easy to use accessory designed to maintain a constant weld torch-to-work distance, helping to provide uniform weld penetration. It includes a solid-state control box and a motorized slide which will bolt onto any standard Bug-O Systems carriage or fixture. The AHC system senses the actual weld current, compares this value to the set point, and raises or lowers the welding gun accordingly. It can be used for a wide variety of welding applications where precise control of welding current is critical. The AHC system works with any constant voltage (CV) welding power source. It is compatible with SAW, FCAW and GMAW Welding processes.

Watch the AHC system video. This very thorough video demonstrates the effectiveness of the Automatic Height Control System by showing four different weld cases and comparing the results:

Whether your goal is to control precise arc length or to perform repeatable mechanized welds in the horizontal position, Bug-O has you covered with our Automatic Height Control System and Torch Incline. Let Bug-O’s mechanized portable machinery reduce your material handling costs and improve your production. With regulated travel speed and uniform heat input, distortion is greatly reduced, and rework is minimized. Bug-O machines perform repetitive welds or cuts in production with little deviation while keeping parameters consistent. This precise speed and path control improve quality, deposition and appearance of your welds/cuts.

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