Bug-O Introduces the New Torch Incline – A Game Changing Tool for the Welding Industry

Splicing of thick section pilings, columns and horizontal ship hulls requires highly repetitive horizontal welds. Making these horizontal welds with uniform quality and appearance requires proper bead placement and torch angle. The Torch Incline provides the ability to modify the torch angle while keeping the contact tip in the same position relative to the previous bead.

When welding the first few passes inside the beveled preparation, the torch must be angled for best access. As the weld beads are made and the weld prep is filled, the torch angle is often changed from pass to pass. This new torch holder allows angle change to be done easily and rapidly.

The curved arm is CNC engraved with angle markings to allow torch angle positions from -10 degrees to +30 degrees. These markings allow the welder to set the torch at the angle required from pass to pass and repeat those same angles from weld layer to layer. The Torch Incline, mounted to the Modular Drive System Linear Weaver and used with the Automatic Height.

Control, provides a valuable tool for performing high quality, repeatable mechanized welds
in the horizontal position.