The Technical Sales and Special Systems Group at Bug-O Systems is tasked with providing support to our customers and sales staff. Their support involves applying techniques utilizing Bug-O products to achieve welding and cutting application challenges. The challenges can vary greatly from minor modifications made to a standard Bug-O machine to the evolution of a brand new product.

Basic support from the Technical Sales and Special Systems Group can help determine the length of rail needed for a particular job or define the correct racking group to hold a unique welding gun. It can also be as complex as helping to determine the correct type of gun or torch for a weld joint. In general, the Technical Sales Group does not recommend specific welding processes or parameters, but rather, attempts to use their knowledge and experience in simple, portable mechanization to provide help in the application of the full line of Bug-O Systems’ products. The Technical Sales and Special Systems Group is able to often take a specific function or feature from one product and apply it to another to solve the customer’s application dilemma.

In addition to support for standard products, the Technical Sales group can also provide customized solutions. In some cases, our staff has seen a project very similar but in others a completely new approach must be developed. Minor modifications to standard products may allow them to fit a unique issue. Other applications may result in the development of a product that is, for the most part, completely new. With the full variety of products available from Bug-O Systems, there is a very wide range of opportunities for customized solutions.

Some examples of customized application solutions we helped to provide for our customers include:

  • Mini-Manipulator with integrated controls and operator pendant for Auto Height Control and Weaver functions
  • Mini-Manipulator with specialized controls for oxyfuel cutting
  • Two-Axis Boiler Tube Overlay based on the Modular Drive System
  • K-BUG 2000 with remote pendant and mounts for preheat and rosebud torch
  • The base of our Sub Arc Tractor was modified to include dual wire feeders onboard with larger wheels for a custom solution
  • Modular Drive System with multi-torch capabilities on a semi trailer bed
  • Various KBUG modifications to include air cooling and racking modifications
  • Circle Welders with water cooled shafts and capabilities to operate with digital welding power sources and wire feeders
  • Side Beam motion systems with corner followers for beam welding and a separate system for aluminum parts with integrated Miller Wire Feeders
  • Specialized Heavy Duty Linear Weaver
  • Modular Drive System Programmable Shape Machine programmed to cut hole at 3 o’clock position
  • Numerous specialized configurations of Modular Drive Systems
  • MM-1 with dual welding guns
  • DC-IV with analog proximity sensing crossdrive
  • Universal Bug-O-Matic with swivel adjustable magnets

If you are presented with an application for which you just can’t find the exact product that will provide a solution, contact the Technical Sales Group. Bug-O Welcomes the Challenge! E-mail: or call 1-800-245-3186 or (412) 331-1776.