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Pipe Coupon Cutting Machine

The PCC-1 is used for cutting pipe to a desired length or for beveling the edge of a pipe for weld prep. The machine features a self centering speed chuck capable of gripping 0-8″ O.D. pipe and 3-11″ I.D. pipe. A racking group supports a plasma or oxy-fuel torch which can be setup for square or beveled cuts up to 12” in length. The variable speed control on the PCC-1 can be adjusted from 1-6 rpm. A rotary ground is included on the plasma version and a quick action manifold is supplied on the oxy-fuel version.


  • Available for oxy-fuel or plasma in 110 and 220 volt models
  • Variable speed control from 1-6 rpm
  • Able to grip 0-8″ O.D. and 3-11″ I.D. pipe
  • Made in USA
  • Capable of cuts up to 12″ (305 mm)
  • Speed range of 1-6 rpm
  • Plasma model includes a rotary ground and the oxy-fuel version is supplied with a quick action manifold

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