K-BUG 4000

A magnetic travel carriage for welding continuous or stitch horizontal fillet welds while traveling on a vertical wall.

The K-BUG 4000 runs on a vertical wall while performing a downhill fillet weld. It is very advantageous when floor space is very limited. You can place the machine within just a few inches of the floor to the wall.

The K-BUG 4000 digital, compact fillet welder creates continuous or intermittent “stitch” welds at a constant travel speed producing high quality, uniform welds in a fraction of the time required for manual welding. By taking the gun out of the operator’s hand there is less fatigue for the welder. The welder then monitors the puddle and lets the machine do the motion control. Regulated travel speed eliminates excessive weld deposition and helps reduce defects. Precise puddle control improves penetration and controls undercut. The K-BUG 4000 can follow vertical or inclined walls of a straight or curved (R > 1000 mm) profile. The machine’s guide wheels track the workpiece to provide precise, continuous weld placement. Digital programming of travel pattern and weld control eliminates excessive weld deposition and helps reduce defects.

The machine controls are quite simple: cycle start button, cycle stop button, weld contactor switch, travel direction switch and the speed control dial, which also doubles as a selector dial when setting the background parameters. The digital speed display numerically shows real-time travel speed in in/min. (cm/min). It also displays parameters during setup of intermittent function and time settings. The digital readout will display the travel speed during a continuous weld, or it will count down the distance when stitch welding.


  • Compact design – 14.6 x 8.9 x 11.3 in (370 x 226 x 288 mm)
  • Lightweight – 14 lb. (6.4 kg)
  • State of the art digital technology ensures accuracy
  • Digital speed display
  • High torque, low inertia motor for precise stops and starts
  • Drive unit motor overload protection
  • Lightweight carriage with powerful permanent magnets to grip work piece
  • Carriage Travel and arc start in one switch
  • Guide wheels track web, or flange, of work piece
  • Closed loop speed control provides adjustable and repeatable control
  • Programmable control of puddle build at weld start
  • Programmable control of crater fill at weld end
  • Stores travel settings after power is turned off
  • Weld Contactor Enable switch
  • Built-in Limit Switches stop tractor travel and welding when activated
  • Will climb vertical with 25 lb. (11.5 kg) capacity
  • Digital programming of weld length, skip length and total travel distance
  • Performs continuous and intermittent welds
  • Drive wheels rated to 400 °F (204 °C)



  • Cable Anchor (KBUG-4040) – Now included as standard
  • 450 Amp Gun/Lincoln 3/4″ (19 mm) (SBG-450-L-) – For LN7, LN8, LN9, LN25, LN742, Synergic 7 & LN10 w/ adapter
  • 450 Amp Gun/Lincoln Std. (SBG-450-T-) – For all other Lincoln products
  • 450 Amp Gun/Miller (SBG-450-M-)
  • 450 Amp Gun/Euro (SBG-450-E-)
  • Magwheel Add-On Kit (KBUG-1067) – Used for welding curved irregular shapes
  • Replacement Battery (KBUG-1201-BAT)
  • 30mm Magsquare (MSQ-150) – The Magsquare is used to activate the limit switch to stop machine travel and welding process.

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