Stiffener Welder

Weld both sides of a stiffener at the same time, thus doubling production!

The Stiffener Welder mechanizes two heavy duty wire feeders to weld “I”, “T”, and “Angle” stiffeners on one or both sides simultaneously. The standard machine can be set up for continuous or intermittent fillet welds on stiffeners with flange widths of 0 – 12″ (0- 300 mm) and heights of 3″-16″ (75 mm – 400 mm). The stiffener welder rides on four large caster wheels which make it easy to move the unit. Four guide wheels steer the unit along the stiffener and two floating, spring loaded arms with “V” rollers and spatter guards carry the welding torches and follow the joint (riding over tack welds). A heavy duty drive unit moves the stiffener welder along the work. The Stiffener Welder is available equipped with either the Lincoln Electric® Flex Feed® 84 or the Miller® S-74 wire feeders.



  • Doubles production by welding both sides of a stiffener simultaneously
  • Suitable for stiffener flange widths of 0-12″ (0-300 mm) and heights of 3″-16″ (75-400 mm)
  • Made in USA
  • Reduces material handling
  • Can make continuous or intermittent stitch welds

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