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Stand Alone CDS Linear Weaver

Self Contained Machine Used for Weave Welding

The CDS-6350 is a self contained machine used for weave welding. It can be installed as part of a welding fixture, or mounted on a drive carriage running on a track. It is particularly useful for weaving v-groove welds in a butt joint. The weaver box is attached on the end of an adjustable rack, held by a rackholder that can be mounted on the front of the drive carriage, or directly on the welding fixture.


  • High torque, low inertia motor for precise starts and stops
  • Heavy duty planetary gear box with powerful output shaft
  • Uniform linear motion with independent control of right and left dwell times
  • Closed loop position control to prevent drift from the center position
  • Closed loop speed control for adjustable and repeatable control of critical welding parameters
  • Gun mounting group with adjustable linkage for accurate positioning of the gun
  • Weld Contactor ON/OFF switch

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