The Advanced Pipe Welding System – integrated with Lincoln Power Wave® or Miller® PipeWorx to utilize the latest in advanced digital weld process control.

The PIPER-PLUS is a self contained, digitally controlled, mechanized pipe welding system, producing high deposition rates with excellent weld quality to reduce pipe welding costs. Increased duty cycle and arc-on time provide significant improvements in productivity. All welding parameters, including voltage, wire feed speed, current, travel and oscillation are programmable and digitally controlled with the Piper-Plus.

Manual pipe welding requires a high level of training and skill. As skilled pipe welders become more difficult to find, mechanized welding is an economical alternative. Less welder skill and physical effort are required using mechanized welding. Handheld wire welding results in a typical operating factor (or percent arc-on time) of 40-50%, mechanizing increases the operating factor to 70% or higher. The increased arc-on time reduces the number of welders and welding stations required. Also, the precise procedure control and excellent repeatability ensures consistent weld quality around each pipe joint and from one joint to the next.


  • Closed loop feedback of travel, height control and all motion parameters
  • Distinctive on-board current monitoring and adjustments
  • Programmed for exact multi-parameter output
  • Supervisor set operating limits to every adjustable parameter
  • Pre-programming of an infinite number of procedures and weld passes
  • Air-cooled or optional water-cooled welding guns available
  • Automatic Height Control provides constant tip to work distance control. Total travel of 4″ (100 mm)
  • Made in USA


  • Travel speed can be calibrated to provide actual travel speed at pipe surface
  • Automatic Height Control maintains constant torch height, ensuring stable welding arc and consistent heat input
  • Accurate process control
  • Allows for many different geometries and material thicknesses
  • Water cooled torch can be used for heavy wall applications

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