AA Lightweight Precision Circle Cutter, Hole Borer, Beveler and Welder that is Easy to Use!

The DC HOB-O® lightweight circle cutter, hole borer is easily carried to the work, and is quickly centered on the workpiece. All that you need is a single center punch mark. Set the hole radius on the built-in scale, light the torch, start your cut and hit the switch to make smooth accurate holes in any position; virtually eliminating the need for grinding and touchup. This flame-cutting machine will cut holes from 1″ to 8″ (25 mm to 200 mm) inside diameter and from 14 1/2 to 48″ (368 mm to 1220 mm) outside diameter. When mounted with magnets, each magnet foot is covered with a shield to protect it from direct flame and heat.


  • Lightweight and portable, can be taken to the work piece
  • Cuts holes from 1-8″ (25-200 mm) inside diameter
  • Cuts holes from 14 1/2 – 48″ (368-1220 mm) outside diameter
  • Easy setup
  • Can cut and bevel holes with precision
  • Made in USA


  • Vacuum Base (HOB-1140) – This be mounted on all HOB-O® units for use on nonferrous materials. The vacuum feet adjust to the work surface. Use with ARV-2020 Vacuum Pump Kit.


Blind Area Kit – This must be used with an 18″ machine barrel torch and a DC Hob-O® in order to cut holes from 8″ up to 14 1/2″ (203 to 368 mm). It is lightweight and attaches easily on the machine. Set the hole radius, light the torch, start your cut and hit the switch to make smooth accurate holes in any position, virtually eliminating the need for grinding and touch-up.

HOB-2080 Blind Area Kit, torch not included

HOB-2080-MSQ Blind Area Kit w/Magsquare Feet, torch not included

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