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Bug-o Systems Historical Timeline

  • 1943

    "Livesay Multipurpose Machines," predecessor to BUG-O, was invented to increase production of ships and landing craft at Higgins Shipyards in Louisiana for WWII.


    Livesay Multipurpose Machines expands sales to other shipyards and fabricators around the United States.


    H. Edward Cable, with 4 partners, starts D.R. Electric Company which will become Welding Tooling Corporation and Lincoln Service Shop.

  • 1952

    D&R Electric becomes Welding Tooling Corporation


    Herbert E. Cable Joins Weld Tooling Corporation as a Sales Representative.


    Welding Tooling Corporation acquires patent rights to "Livesay Machines" and begins an extensive redesign.


    Ed Cable started selling Livesay units. Weld Tooling Corporation creates BUG-O Systems Division to design manufacture and sell the redesign machines to be known as "BUG-O's"

  • 1961

    Bug-O used in the construction of the Seattle Space Needle


    BUG-O units solve material handling problems on 1300 Interstate Highway bridge projects in Ohio.


    BUG-O units are used in the construction of the St. Louis Arch.


    BUG-O machines used in the construction of the "Unisphere at New York's World Fair

  • 1976

    Herbert E. Cable becomes President


    Chip Cable, like his father Herbert E. Cable, joins Weld Tooling as a Sales Representative

  • 1981

    BUG-O begins transition from AC Governor Control motor to DC motor with Solid State Controls


    BUG-O purchases Cypress Welding


    BUG-O's V.P. of Engineering, Anil Rodrigues wins "Excellence in Design Award" from Design News Magazine for BUG-O's new Super Flex product.


    BUG-O works with shipyards to mechanize welding of submarines and ships for the U.S. military.


    Herb Cable becomes CEO and Chip Cable becomes President

  • 1995

    The domain name Weld.com is purchased, planning for the future of the internet.


    BUG-O introduces Trackless Machines, Overlay Systems, and a variety of Programmable Machines

  • 2002

    BUG-O units used to weld circumference of 10 diameter pilings and to cut slots in inner and outer piling for the replacement sections of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge project.


    BUG-O Expands to meet global demands by moving into a new 25,000 sq.ft. state of the art manufacturing facility.


    BUG-O develops Piper-Bug® in partnership with The Lincoln Electric Company to address the pipe welding applications Globally.

  • 2010

    BUG-O Training School is relocated to a larger modern facility where customers and distributors train on Bug-O products while learning how to maximize their investment.


    Bug-O Systems introduces two new accessories for the Modular Drive System (MDS): automated height control and seam tracking.


    BUG-O introduces the Piper-Plus®. This is an enhanced version of the Piper-Bug® that interfaces with Lincoln Electric's newest generation of power source and wire feeder for greater process control and quality.


    Weld Tooling launches Weld.com on 11/11/11 and is presented to the welding industry at the Fabtech Show in Chicago as the first comprehensive welding website designed solely to connect People, Products and Services One Click at a Time.


    Bug-O Systems is featured on "Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw" television program. This segment is part of Viewpoint's "American Industry Series" which interviews "movers and shakers of industry."


    Bug-O Systems introduces the 4th Generation GO-FER, the GO-FER IV. In the past it took three machines to work in all the applications that the new GO-FER IV can perform.


    Bug-O Systems develops the KOALA welding system designed for welding the circumferential joint between two square box columns, standing in the vertical position. The mechanics of the system, along with the new SpinArc® torch enable constructers to weld joints faster and with better quality.


    Bug-O Systems is showcased in a production of Manufacturing Marvels® on the Fox Business Network. As a global pioneer in automated welding, Bug-O Systems’ segment explains their dedication in creating products for industrial welding and cutting.

Bug-O Systems, A Division of the Weld Tooling Corporation, is a Family Owned business that started with the invention of the single Livesay Multipurpose Machine in 1943 to help automate the cutting and welding process in the manufacturing of Landing Craft for World War II. Since that time the company has grown and evolved to become a Global Leader in the design, manufacturing and application of several lines of portable automation products for the cutting and welding industry, from small projects to cross country pipelines around the world.