Increase Production Bevel Cutting Lightwall Pipe or Vessels with the CB-1PR Circle Cutter!

The CB-1PR is designed for cutting beveled holes in lightwall pipe or vessels with wall thickness up to 5/16″ (7 mm). An automatic rise and fall cam controls the torch position for saddle cut holes up to 2/3 of the work diameter. The cables and air hoses supplying the unit pass through slip rings and O-rings enabling the machine to operate continuously in either direction without cable or hose wrap up. The CB-1PR is supplied with a Hypertherm® Powermax® 65 or 85 (specified by customer) plasma power supply, 180 degree plasma machine torch and 50′ (15 m) control cable / torch lead. The CB-1PR Plasma Circle Burner requires 120/50-60/1 to operate and must be mounted on a carriage or fixture. The remote pendant has the following controls: speed display, speed control, travel direction, overlap timer, cycle start, manual/auto switch, on/off switch, pilot light and quick stop.


  • Remote control
  • Plasma process
  • Burning diameter of 1-12″ (25-305 mm) beveled holes
  • Made in USA
  • Must be mounted on a carriage or manipulator
  • Rise and fall cam 5″ (127 mm)
  • Application type – thin wall, small diameter pipe

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