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Modular Drive System and SpinArc® Technology

Modular Drive System and SpinArc® Technology

Two well known technologies come together to provide the highest level of productivity and quality welds with little or no
bevel required, thus significantly decreasing your total cost per weld.


The SpinArc® technology and torch is now available with the MDS (Modular Drive System) to provide you with the highest
level of productivity, quality and cost savings to tackle your production and manufacturing challenges of today. SpinArc®
which is GMAW technology, improves welding in a variety of applications by rotating the wire at very controlled speeds,
diameter and direction to suit the application. The process improves the joining of two plates by rotating the wire very
quickly at the contact tip with speeds from 200 to 5,500 RPM. The spinning or “stirring” effect in the arc also creates a
very consistent metallurgy in the weld deposit.


Since the spin diameter is adjustable, as the diameter of the spin increases so does the bead width. Therefore, you can
tailor these variables to the specific weld joint. For example, when you want to weld in an overlay or hard-facing application
you would want a fairly wide bead. Hence you would set a large spin diameter. When you spread out the arc energy, it
minimizes dilution. For a narrow gap, deep grove butt joint, you can often eliminate the need for a bevel up to 1 to 1.25"
thick material and beyond 1.25" can dramatically reduce the amount of bevel, thus saving preparation time and money. In
this type of application you would want a smaller spin diameter. The system can rotate the wire clock-wise or counter
clock-wise so you can choose depending upon the weld direction to ensure the arc’s energy focuses on the leading edge. 


Since the SpinArc® technology is in the gun itself, it works with any Constant-Voltage (CV) GMAW power source and can
attach to any wire feeder. When you couple this with the Modular Drive System, you have a powerful productivity system
capable of welding narrow gap heavy plates, fillets, lap joints of various types as well as overlay and hard-facing.  Anytime
you can take the gun out of the operators hand and control the speed, direction and travel, your productivity and consistency
increases. Now when you combine that with a SpinArc torch where you can additionally control the spin and direction of the
wire, you have real control of the welding process.


That’s why this is such a winning combination when it comes to producing consistent high quality welds at high production
rates while reducing your need for costly plate preparation. All of this saves you time and money, which is so important in
the very competitive and global environment we work in today!