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Chris Cable – Director of Global Sales & Marketing

Jan. 01, 2014

On January 1, 2014, Chris Cable assumed the role of Director of Global Sales & Marketing at Bug-O Systems International.  Chris brings many years of managing and leadership experience to Bug-O.  He worked at the US subsidiary of the German based company, FEIN (Pittsburgh, PA), for 30 years.  FEIN manufactures highly reliable power tools in Germany which are sold throughout the world.  During his last 12 years with FEIN, he was their Managing Director where he played a major role in growing their sales 400%.  This position also allowed him to gain worldly experience by traveling the world as well as residing in Germany for months at a time.


Chris’ position at Bug-O entails coordinating all of the domestic and international sales forces which includes our internal staff as well as our regional managers, representatives, and distributors around the world.  He plans to focus on expanding and educating our customer service personnel to be fully trained and technically knowledgeable on all of our product lines. This will provide our customers with faster and more accurate support, both online and in person.


Please help us welcome Chris Cable into his new position!