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Bug-O Systems Demonstrates Continuous Product Improvement

Apr. 03, 2017

Another example of Bug-O Systems’ commitment to continuous product improvement was recently presented to the staff of Lincoln Electric Bester in Poland and their European pipeline customers from Eastern Europe Region. 


Live demonstrations of the Piper-Plus were performed by F. Jeff Nelson, Manager - Applications/Specials and Technical Sales at Bug-O. With the assistance of the Lincoln Weldtech staff, Jeff demonstrated how the Piper-Plus improves the speed, quality and ease of pipe welding. During two days of live demonstrations, dozens of new and existing customers from several European pipe-line contracting companies got first hand proof of the system’s abilities.


The Piper-Plus is a pipe welding system that is fully integrated with Lincoln welding equipment, and now has a built-in Inclinometer. This new feature includes integrated hardware and software to provide pre-programming of process changes during the weld cycle. 


The ability to automatically change process parameters, at set points throughout the weld cycle, enables the system to perform welding methods previously unobtainable. Many methods of pipe welding, such and vertical down, require multiple changes in speed, voltage, wire feed speed, etc., during the welding cycle to achieve a high-quality weld. 


All pre-set parameters can be changed during live welding as the operator sees fit, within the limits set by the administrator, and the changes can be saved for future welding if desired. The Inclinometer will open many new opportunities for our customers to provide better solutions to pipe-line owners.  

Jeff and the Weldtech staff also performed live demonstrations of the Linc-Bug. The Bug-O Linc-Bug provides a simpler mechanization solution for pipe welding when full welding process integration is not required. This system is often the first choice of fabricators making the change from manual to mechanized welding. 


Mark A Binder, Director of International Sales- Bug-O Systems, gave presentations, to the groups, on their full line of welding and cutting mechanization solutions, showing the many ways Bug-O helps fabricators in all industries improve their cutting and welding performance. 

Along with involvement in all the other activities Volker Bueltmann, Bug-O European Territory Manager, met with top Lincoln Bester staff to continue planning for the growth and future of the Bug-O / Lincoln cooperation. Lincoln Electric Bester has done an excellent job in providing their customers with the best possible pipe welding solutions and Bug-O systems is proud that Lincoln has chosen us to join them to provide complete solutions to all of their customers. The combination of Lincoln welding technology and Bug-O Systems motion control is the best combination available. 
Bug-O Systems would like to thank the staff of Lincoln Electric Bester for their professional program planning and their excellent hospitality and friendship.