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The New Capital of Egypt

Apr. 22, 2016

Egypt is in the process of building a new Capital which is just east of their old Capital, Cairo. The new Capital will be home to all government authorities and ministries which in turn will require many new infrastructures to be built.  Hisham Shalaby, Bug-O Systems’ Sales Manager for the Middle East, currently resides in Cairo, Egypt with his family. While promoting Bug-O Systems throughout the Middle East, Hisham found a great need for our products in his own country. Two big contracting companies have been awarded the project of building water pipe lines with diameters of 2.2 and 2.6 meters spanning 150 kilometers long. Hisham immediately knew Bug-O Systems’ Universal Bug-O-Matic would be the perfect machine for the job. Hisham, along with our distributor (Cipro – Ahmed Hamada & Co), presented two successful Live, Pipe Welding demonstrations to both companies. They found by positioning the Universal Bug-O-Matic on our high flex rail it enabled them to utilize the machine and rail for both size diameters of pipe. The successful demonstration proved the concept and the customer placed a large order for the equipment. Their order has just recently shipped out and the project will be starting soon. We wish them great luck and will be supporting them the entire way!