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Boy Scouts of America – Receives Go-fer Donation

Jan. 12, 2016

In Ventura County California near Los Angeles, Jack Compton heads up a welding and training program for the local Boy Scouts to learn about cutting and welding. During his program, they not only learn basic welding skills, but also have the opportunity to earn a Welding Merit Badge. Jack has been driving this program for over three years now and all troops who wish to participate may do so with a simple call to Jack. Jack is a past District Director for AWS and has received AWS endorsement for his program.



Chip Cable, President of Bug-O Systems, decided that this program was in need of taking the welding and cutting to the next level by donating a GO-FER machine to the program so that the students could also learn about mechanization and automating the cutting and welding process. Chip said, “today industry is very concerned about improving efficiencies, so anytime you can take the torch out of the operator’s hands and mechanize or automate the process, efficiencies go up while costs per weld or cut go down.” The additional benefit to the program is that the Scout Masters and the parents see these products in action and of course many of them take this knowledge and exposure back to their places of work.



Bug-O Systems is very proud to be a part of this program. Marc and Nick Rizzo, Regional Managers for Bug-O will be on hand once the unit is delivered to demonstrate and train the instructors on the proper use of this equipment. Look for photos and additional details in our next Newsletter.