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NSRP Weld Tech Panel – Mobile, AL

Sep. 14, 2015

With another Welding Technology Panel Meeting in the books for the NSRP Program, the introduction of new technologies is likely to benefit the use of Welding Mechanization in the Shipyard Industry. This quarter the meeting was held in Mobile, Alabama with all 11 of the cooperating shipyards in attendance for the two days of presentations and the walking tour of Austal. For the second time this year the event panel was held to introduce new projects and update members on ongoing and concluding projects to be considered for implementation. Additionally this year, two projects have come to light that would likely further benefit the use of welding mechanization in the industry.


Some of the new projects included Improved GMAW/FCAW on Primed Steel and Low Temperature Transformation Welding Wire. Up to this point, the idea of having to weld over primed steel often led to more work than what was originally planned. Often time’s poor quality welds result and costly rework ensues and/or the task of having to grind all the primer away was done before welding, which is an additional waste of time and money since the primer was only a temporary covering to prevent rust and corrosion. The other project that should benefit the Weld Mechanization Community is the future use of the Low Temperature Transformation Wire. This wire has been manufactured to resist shrinking after it cools which all current wires do to this point. Deformation is the combination of heat input and the shrinking and expanding of the metal and welding wire which causes the base material and surrounding materials to hold residual stresses. The use of this wire in conjunction with BUG-O Welding Tractors would improve cost savings and rework by a substantial amount compared to current hand welding practices. 


At the conclusion of the first day, the attendees were welcomed to a walking tour of Austal Shipyard, located in downtown Mobile. The guests were shown different areas of the yard from where materials are received and prepped, different areas where modular construction and welding are being competed and a walkthrough of the launch point for the Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) and Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).  What a great conclusion to the NSRP meeting! 
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