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Sales Meeting – Nor Pac Airgas Seattle Washington

May. 20, 2015

The Northern Pacific Regional of Airgas, fondly referred to as Nor Pac, led by Regional VP Bill Sanborn, held their annual sales meeting in Seattle Washington 18-20 May. As this is an invitation only event to outside vendors, Bug-O Systems was very proud to be amongst those invited.  


Highlights of the meeting included an awards ceremony for those Airgas personnel, who during Airgas’s fiscal year (just closed in April), were honored for outstanding performance. Additionally, it gave us insight into this regions performance expectations and industry focus for the new fiscal year.

Shown above (left to right): Norm Sted, Dan Sheets and Dan Enz


Airgas’ technical sales staff and sales managers from British Colombia to Oregon were in attendance which totaled over 100 key sales persons. Therefore, during the second day when vendors were permitted to have their products on display and feature sales and product solutions, it was a welcome opportunity for us. We featured the MDS, Uni-Bug, GO-FER and Hob-O in our booth. I welcomed the additional assistance and support from Dan Enz, Bug-O’s Regional Manager for Washington State and Mike Mackintosh, Bug-O’s Regional Manager for Oregon and Alaska. 


This was an important meeting for us to attend as Airgas has added four new Welding Process Managers to this region. This addition further indicates that they are investing in their people and this market. We see a bright future with them.   
We look forward to continuing our work with Nor Pac Airgas as well as all our future meetings and ventures together.    
Norm Sted
Director – North America Sales & Global Marketing