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Travelling Education Program – Off to a Great Start!

Apr. 10, 2015

Education and training is in high demand within the welding industry. Bug-O Systems recognizes this need and has taken their training program on the road.  Within the first quarter of 2015, Bug-O has provided training in seven states, benefitting hundreds of customers.


In the Midwest, South, South Central and Pacific all regions expressed some concern with the lack of education when it comes to mechanization. There is an inherent fear that utilizing automation will make welders jobs obsolete. This is not true. The track torch and welding bugs serve only as a power tool for the welder. There are also some welding instructors, distributors, and even customers that believe automation is too cumbersome and complicated. This concern was put to rest after seeing firsthand the easy setup in minutes and the ability to weld with precision and accuracy after a very short time.  The benefits of automation were fully understood after our productive training sessions. The cost savings and return on investment were clearly demonstrated to all trainees.

Bug-O’s Travelling Education Program allows you to have many employees trained at your facility, decreasing travel time and costs. This program will help you to reduce consumable costs, provide better quality welds, and become more productive with less operator fatigue.
To inquire more about Bug-O Training on the road, e-mail Mike Shaffer at mshaffer@weld.com and setup training at your location.